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Wake Up (Or Maybe Shut Up), America!

August 21, 2015

Here we go again – big “news” from the fledgeling New York Times! Not every employee at Amazon is shooting rainbows and unicorns out of their rear end. Shocker!

As Amazon sets new records in commerce and fulfillment every holiday, every “created” holiday (Black Friday) and every damn day, stop press! Not every employee likes being there – or maybe likes working hard.

Check out this recent Geekwire article which conducted some Amazon Employee interviewing of its own…

“I like that this company tries harder,” the employee said. “I think people are just different. Some people don’t belong here, maybe.”


“Some people like to work, some don’t.”

If you’re over, let’s say 25, and have had a job or two, what company DOESN’T this describe? Let’s interview 100 employees of the New York Times…

Memo to America: if Amazon is so evil, why the hell are they so wildly successful? That’s easy – customers. Lots n’ lots of satisfied customers gobbling up the luxuries of Amazon’s close-to-immediate-gratification model. Point. Click. At your door. Don’t like it? How’s about a return policy this is close to risk free (hat tip, Zappos – another Amazon company).

Wake up America!

  • YOU created and are perpetuating Walmart! You know, that “other” evil company that has priced several beloved brands (bye, Rubbermaid!) out of business or out of the country.
  • YOU are the activists blocking oil tankers…in plastic kayaks!
  • YOU are enjoying extravagant (and not so extravagant) meals and lodging on the backs of workers whom rely on tips to subsidize their employers’ low base wages to feed their own kids! They get a “raise” ($15 an hour!) and they no longer qualify for Medi-Cal (in my state) and are compelled to purchase Obamacare or else.
  • YOU voted with your dollars to send taxis a message, but boy Uber can elicit such head-shaking once you climb out of the back seat of a clean, reliable vehicle. Oh, Tsk tsk.

Welcome to the new transparency of the internet and social media. Don’t act like a fish who can’t see the water.

Stop whining about how soccer balls are sewn together and look in the mirror. If it’s not you (not likely), then it’s millions of your friends and neighbors.

If you don’t like it, don’t play. Vote with you feet and your pocketbook. Better yet, build your own company. In the meantime, how about piping down?


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